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Welcome to CrisisCamp Thailand (We don't have this broken up into cities/provinces yet) This is our wiki page where we update everyone on new events, past events and what we are working on. Are you interested in working with us? Just let us know by signing up to volunteer. We'd like translation this page into Thai. Please link a translation of this page here:

Activity Level

  • Active - Currently responding to Southern Thaifloods 3/31/2011


  • Pongvit Siribovornkiat - Citibank Thailand - pongvit AT gmail DOT com
  • Poramate Minsiri poramate (at) @iwhale

Upcoming Events

  • TBD

Present Activities/Projects

  • Describe what CrisisCamp (city/province/state) is currently working on.

Past Activities/Projects


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