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This project, previously called Family Reunification Systems is focused on searching for and cataloging missing persons information and connecting it to the canonical Person Finder application. This includes outreach and coordination to other websites so that they plug their data into Person Finder, provide the Person Finder embeddable widget, or a link on their website. Outreach has been good so far, but it would be good to reach out to entities like Yéle and Wyclef Jean to promote the service as well.


Last update: 19:18, 20 January 2010 (UTC)

I cleaned up the sources spreadsheet, so that's probably a better place to track the status:

Person Finder API

Person Finder now has an API with documentation.

Sources that are now integrated with Person Finder:

Sites linking/embedding:

Extraordinaries photo tagging - not quite sure what the current level of integration is.

Facebook Groups - We are just now beginning to coordinate with this - 22:36, 19 January 2010 (UTC)

Red Cross: Safe & Well - i think some coordination is beginning with this

CrisisCamp DC 01/16

, Skype ID

  • Coordinator: David Bock,, @bokmann

, bokmann

Volunteer Team:

  • Name, Organization, @Twitter, Skype ID
  • Kim MacCormack, CodeSherpas, none, none
  • Justin Spradlin, self, @sprad
  • Nilesh, Student, @none, nileshkaadadawar
  • Mark Silverberg, self, @skram

, skramx

  • Alivia Tegliaferri, Ironcutter Media, none, none
  • Bradford Barr, Logicnets Inc, @3lawsafe

, none

  • Raj Ashar, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
  • Traci Bautista,social media/pr, @treicdesigns

, coordination, outreach, community liason

, tony1athome

  • Gil Silberman, Term of Art, @gilbug

, social media and PR campaign

, hofranklin, - project manager with google person findercom

, skype:philipashlock

Notes from Volunteers at CrisisCamp

We began this project this morning expecting that this afternoon it would be handed off to a team on the west coast.

To that end we decided it would be best to prepare research on the existing systems out there.

The canonical reference is the one published by google and referenced by the U.S. State Department, at

We have found that many newspaper articles about the quake at major newspaper wbesites have comments like "Help! I'm looking for my uncle, Mike Okara, who worked at the Texaco at the corner of...". We are capturing the URL of these comments in a google doc, expecting that this information will have to be manually reconciled into the structured peoplefinder tool.

We are also preparing comments to attach to these threads saying "please use the official peoplefinder at ... if you are looking for or have missing persons information". Adding these comments to these threads is time-consuming though, as many times we have to create an account on the system.

We are *also* preparing lettsrs to the editor for these newspapers so that future articles will contain a link to this resource.

Our Google document for the links we are capturing is available here

There's a team in New York that is able to assist with efforts. We've converted the 21,000+ records from the Red Cross database to PFIF with the intent to publish them to a canonical master repository, or alternatively to provide an independent feed. Twitter @ibejoeb

for info.

Current Project Spreadsheet for Manually Imported Resources: Google Doc spreadsheet

Current Project Spreadsheet for Automatically Imported Resources : [1]

Google has released an Import Export API. Please encourage all resources to push and pull data from this. Details can be found here:

Project History

12:14pm EST (DC) - The team is working in two groups. One group is consolidating missing person data from several websites utilizing Google Apps. The second group is building the website for the data.
3:32pm EST (DC) - We are continuing to manually import data from the various web resources into the Google Crisis Response web application.
5:55pm EST (DC) - We've all made updates to the Google Doc spreadsheet to note the status of our data entry efforts.
Overall we've entered hundreds of person records into the google crisis application. We are also in the process of gathering 4,000 unstructured records from the folks at They have decided to either provide us with a CSV file which we will convert to PFIF format or they will enter the data manually themselves. An update will come as soon as we hear from them.

Project Summary

Project Twitter hashtag: #cchpf

This ongoing project will be focused on searching for cataloging missing persons databases and information pages, providing constructive suggestions for the[ [International Committee of the Red Cross FamilyLinks]] [2] website, [tagging news photos][3], [review of the People Finder Interchange Format][4] and document how to connect pictures.

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