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Reporting and Inquiring about Missing Persons

Prefecture Police Missing Persons Hotlines

These are 24-hour hotlines, in Japanese, specifically for reporting and inquiring about missing persons.

Miyagi Prefecture: 022-221-2000

Iwate Prefecture: 0120-801-471

Fukushima Prefecture: 0120-510-186 (From satellite phones: 090-8424-4207 090-8424-4208)

Prefecture Police General Information

Fukushima Police Station Phone Numbers

Ibaraki Police Station Links by Name and Map

Miyagi Police Station Links by Name and Map

Cell Provider Message Boards

These message boards are available to post messages and look for messages according to the cell phone number of the person being looked for.

Docomo: http://dengon.docomo.ne.jp/top.cgi

KDDI (Ezweb): http://dengon.ezweb.ne.jp/

Softbank: http://dengon.softbank.ne.jp/

Wilcom: http://dengon.willcom-inc.com/dengon/Top.do

Emobile: http://dengon.emnet.ne.jp/

NTT emergency voice message board: Dial 171. View message board at https://www.web171.jp

Web Services

Red Cross Family Links



Google People Finder (Caution: This site has been spammed with false reports.)


List of Refugees

Photographs of Refugee Lists

How to post Photos of Refugee Lists

Fukushima Prefecture

Date / Yanagawa / Hobara / Ryozen / Tsukidate

Iwate Prefecture

Iwate Daily Newspaper

IBC List of Refugees

Iwate Prefecture

Miyagi Prefecture

Miyagi Prefecture List of Shelters and Evacuees

Tagajo City list of Shelters and Refugees

List of Missing Persons

Miyagi Prefecture Not sure how often it is updated

Identity of the Dead

Fukushima Prefecture

Iwate Prefecture

Miyagi Prefecture

47 News Compiled Daily

Data Challenges

Below is a list of challenges faced during the response catalogued for after action reports



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