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ESRI Japan REST Services (includes highly detailed topographic maps and Japanese StreetMap
  • University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • United States Geological Service


  • NGA Mashup: Experimented with joining the NGA polygons, an OLD Places file, and an out of date admin boundaries file, that Mary found yesterday to show what you can do for some analysis. If we added current population for the towns then we'd know how many people were displaced [less mortalities]. And that might lead to other questions/answers for recovery missions/priorities, e.g. rebuilding communities, housing, schools, hospitals and other essential facilities, etc. we cleaned up the raw joins to get the table inserted into the map. We don't know the admin boundary system AT ALL so what would look like in English as duplicate but misspelled boundary names [that I joined the Places to] would require a translator to verify.

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