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the Honshu Quake initiative.
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Today's focus
  • Providing information about communications infrastructure in the affected region
  • Assess Nuclear Data Feeds - Public Safety
  • Cleaning up the wiki, assessing information gaps
  • Doing QA pass on the wiki in preparation for translation to Japanese.
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Honshu Quake Initative

Japan Data Profile

Public Safety

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The following are groupings of data feeds in accordance of the ISAC Common Operational Guidance by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Humanitarian Profile

  • Internally Displaced
  • Non-displaced affected
  • Host family/resident community affected
  • Refugee
  • Dead
  • Injured
  • Missing
  • Locate Your Relatives by ICRC FamilyLinks.icrc.org ([1]) (Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese)

Population Statistics

  • Total population by admin level (Number of Households)
  • Age (See Above)
  • Sex (See ABove)
  • Average family size by admin level (See Above)
  • Unique identifier
  • More Populated Places

Administrative Boundaries

  • P- Code
  • Name

Populated Places

  • Unique identifier (P-Code)
  • Names
  • Size classification
  • Population statistics (See Above in Population Section)
  • Status if capital of administrative division
  • Type: Prefectural Government

Transportation Network

  • Roads (Classified by size)
  • Railways


  • Rivers (Classified by size)
  • Water bodies


  • Elevation


Japanese Government (Webpages)

Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources



  • [feed://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/info/rss/service.rdf NTT Teleco Provider Service - RSS Feed]


Language assistance and translation

Maps/GIS Data

  • University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • United States Geological Service

GIS Tools


Data Format Language Provider Date
Satellite Imagery [KML] English Google, GeoEye, DigitalGlobe March 14, 2011
Satellite Imagery [KML] Japanese Google, GeoEye, DigitalGlobe March 14, 2011

Earthquake Info


The above data sets were provided by:

  • Volunteer Name, Country, Skype ID
  • Trey Smith, San Francsisco, CA, USA, trey.smith@gmail.com, skype:trey9000
  • willowbl00, Seattle WA (currently in Indiana), see profile for contact
  • matglas86, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Ibrahim K. Oyekanmi, Kano, Nigeria SkypeID: mallamibro
  • Michelle Cadieux, USA http://groups.to/communitysafetyprograms, communitysafetyprograms@yahoo.com skype:creativecommunications2. Donations and volunteer management.
  • Justin Tung, Toronto, Canada, skype:justin.tung.online, see profile for contact
  • Twitter @AnthroPunk, email sally@sally.com
  • Daniel Ayers, Auckland NZ
  • Kristopher Kleva, USA, twitter @klevland
  • Laura Thieme, USA, Laura.Thieme
  • Joanna Lane, New York, USA, skype: joannalane
  • Mayuri Das, Dayton, Ohio, USA skype:dasmayuri
  • Jason Wadsworth, Adelaide, Australia, jason@horizonmapping.com, skype:jrwads74
  • Greg Barrett, San Francisco Bay Area, USA skype:grebbarrett
  • George Oliver, Tempe, AZ, USA skype:gyoliver
  • Nick Arnett, Santa Clara, CA, USA, nick.arnett@gmail.com skype:nickarnett
  • Matt Matheson, Brighton, UK, matt.matheson@nixonmcinnes.co.uk, skype:slipmatt959, Twitter @slipmatt
  • Hiro Iseki, Maryland, USA, skype: roomskame
  • Miraj Khaled, Vancouver, Canada, skype: techiemik
  • Michael Pike, Barnsley, UK, skype: enablingsecurity, Twitter @michaelpike
  • Richard Chamberlain, Seattle, USA, skype: granite00

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