January 24, 2010 Updates

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The following is a summary of crisis camps on January 24, 2010.

Toronto (ON) Canada

25 people

POC : Heatherleson (at) Gmail (Dot) com

  • This was a short kick-off meeting to plan for January 30th
  • We are dividing into 4 basic teams
  1. Developers (and the sub-projects)(Haiti Hospital Capacity Finder, Image Identification and maybe others)
  2. Social Media (PR team, video/audio and online tool assistance, social media trainers)This team would also like to work on Haitian voices/Haitian stories. We will reach out to the local Haitian community.
  3. General help including scribes, reg desk, logistics, event assistants
  4. Specialized Tech team -Emergency response Ham radio team.
  • We filmed a video promo for Jan. 30th, built out the Toronto wiki page.

See Toronto for our Action/Feedback list.

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