How Can I Help? (OpenSolaceHaiti)

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Unlike many other relief efforts currently being advertised, you can participate in the Haitian Video Postcard Exchange project without donating any money!

  • Start "tweeting" messages of support and prayers to #opensolacevideo. We cannot gaurantee deliver of these messages yet, but we will do our best.
  • Create a video postcard Record a video postcard to Haiti and upload it to youtube. Your video should be under 3 minutes total in length, due to severe bandwidth constraints. Please tag your video opensolacehaiti and also email the link to one of the project organizers. We cannot guarantee the delivery of your message to Haitians, but we will do our best to deliver it as soon as it is feasible. Priority will go to messages from Haitians living in the Diaspora
  • Write a blog post for our public site. Head over to Blog_Post_Ideas_(OpenSolaceHaiti), claim a topic, or make up a new one. Once you are done, please email it to our mailing list All submissions will be released under a Creative Commons by-sa license.
  • Got some mad tech/design/printmaking/project-management/video/social-media skilz? Don't have much experience, but want to learn how to work in one of those areas, please contact us to discuss how you might be able to contribute.
  • Know someone traveling to/from Haiti? Please put them in touch with us! We need couriers to transport memory cards with the video to and from our video messengers on the ground in Haiti, as well as more video messengers!
  • Donations Of course, if you believe in this cause, we would certainly appreciate donations (of money or equipment). Since this is a pure, peer-to-peer, community driven volunteer effort, our overhead is non-existent. All donations will go toward the purchase of hardware to build out the network transporting these postcards.