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Thanks to Maggie, we have a great looking, basic logo for immediate use.

She will be uploading the "source" file that she used to generate this gif shortly.

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psd source files

Postcard Handouts

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Thanks Corinne! We "developed" these at a CVS - way cheaper than color printing at a kinkos ;-)

About $20 per hundred, for full color 4x6

Jason reworked this, and this is the latest

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Fancier Logos

Clarence and Hans came through on some fabulous new logos:

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psd source

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psd source

these are great, and will help us improve our website and future materials.

Both Maggie and Corinne are taking a shot at a more advanced logo, one that conveys more information visually about our mission.

Possible themes we are exploring include:

  • hermes (the greek messenger god - culturally unfamiliar, but...) and his staff, the Caduceous (this is pretty universal).
  • the ubuntu linux people, but in the shape of a network or a support mesh, not a circle. See [this page] for ubuntu translations
  • postage couriers and satchels
  • the haitian flag
  • add your idea here
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