Crisis Camp Haiti - New York City, Feb 6, 2010

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CrisisCamp Details

Crisis Camp New York, February 6, 2010

Register at:


New York City
200 Varick St, Room 507B
New York, NY 10014


Feb 6th
Saturday 10am to 5pm


/ annapembertoncurran (at)
  • Ohad Folman - ohad (at)
  • Philip Ashlock - @philipashlock
/ phil (at)
/ Kenold (at)
  • Ben Guhn benguhin<at>
  • Esty Stein b.estherstein<at>

Projects Being Worked On

  • Relief Oversight Database -
 Project lead: TECH: benguhin<at> NONTECH: b.estherstein<at>
 Needs: TECH: Drupal NONTECH: Research/Data Entry
 Team Members:
  • (beta) Computer Donations to Haiti
 Project lead: hansmarshalleck<at>
 Website will be hosting "translation party" in NYC area for persons interested in translating OLPC materials into Creole. 
 Team Members: 
  • Sahana Foundation To-Do List
 irc: #sahana@freenode
 Project contacts: @kupad, nadaoneal<at>
  • One Laptop Per Child &
 Project lead: Adam Holt holt<at>, @olpc, @waveplace
 Description: Thousands of laptops going to Haitian kids and schools later this year - guided discovery/learn-by-doing laptop projects (this spring)
 Needed: Creole translators
 Team Members: