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Thursday July 15, 2010

8:30-10:30 AM (EDT) Event: Roundtable with Non-Profits & NGO's. Click here to view the stream: [1]

12:30-2:30 PM (EDT) Event: Roundtable with Private Sector. Click here to view the stream: [2]

3:30-6:00 PM (EDT) Event: Roundtable to develop CrisisCommons Academic Consortium. Click here to view the stream: [3]

When you watch the webcast, we hope you will let us know you are watching. Sign up below

Hey! I can't be in DC, but totally will make the webcast! (Thx for watching!)

  • Name, Email, Twitter (Oh, I live blogged, and my links are here -- link--)
  • Sophia B Liu,, @sophiabliu
  • Steve Kalaydjian,, @stevekalaydjian
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