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Crisis Camp is a series of BarCamp style events focussed on the role of technology in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.


The first CrisisCamp Phoenix will be in conjunction with the GITA conference on 25th April, 10 am 'till 5pm. Please register on our eventbrite page to attend.

Crisis Camp GITA in Phoenix, 10am – 5pm

Volunteers wanted in exchange for karma points!

CrisisCamp GITA/Phoenix for is an open-for-all event where participants contribute to creating and improving online tools & services for the relief efforts in Haiti. It’s a fun day of collaboration for a great cause.

We're looking for a variety of skills to help with our efforts:

  • Programming
  • Communications & publicity
  • French - English translation/language skills
  • Local knowledge: Haiti and Haitian culture
  • Relief work experience
  • IT project management
  • Facilitation and admin

... or just time on your hands and the desire to do something different.

Please bring a laptop if you have one – but remember, you don’t need to be technical to help out. You can find more information on location and sign up here:

Here is a short video explaining what we’re up to -

And a great example of the difference Crisis Camps around the world have already made -

What We're Doing

Latest Update

  • The registration page is open! Sign up to join us on Sunday, April 25th at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Projects we're working on

For more projects to get involved in, see the CrisisCommons Projects and Actionable Tasks pages.

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