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Initial notes[edit]

Crisiscamp Ireland is a series of events organised by Haiti Connect & [ Disaster Tech Lab]..

Through this event we hope to create an awareness amongst crisis response organizations, government agencies, and citizens on how open source software & hardware can be used to build and use technology tools to help respond to disasters and improve resiliency and response before a crisis.

Having witnessed first-hand the benefits of technology and social media in disaster response & rebuilding scenarios we want to share our passion and hope to spark the interest & participation of others.

A Crisiscamp is based on the BarCamp model of “unconference“. There is a very loose and informal approach to the day with as aim to create opportunities for everyone to voice their idea and provide input. The ultimate goal is to come up with new & innovative ideas and project.

if you are interested in attending or want to volunteer to assist in organising it you can email us.

Connect with us[edit]

There is a dedicated Crisiscamp Ireland website:

There is also the Haiti Connect website a Haiti Connect twitter account and we wil also use the hashtag #ccireland


Upcoming Events[edit]

Crisiscamp Ireland II is taking place on Saturday June 30th.


The set-up will be similar to the previous one in that we will have a few presentations/talks from people who work in the disaster response field and following this there will be an open discussion forum.

So far we have confirmation of a talk by Sal McDonagh who spoke at the previous Crisiscamp event and whose “Open Telecomms” project has significantly progressed. he will update us on the development. We will also have someone from Rivada Networks talking via video conference. Rivada is head-quartered in Galway but does business globally. They design & build “Public Safety Communication systems” and are used by government agencies and disaster response organisations. There will be a few more talks added over the next few weeks ad we also plan to set up a video-conference discussion with different Crisiscamps across the globe.

At the end of the day we hope to not only have made the participants wiser on how technology is used in disaster response but also that we have stimulated a thought & creation process where people will come up with new and innovative applications in this area. Crisiscamp Ireland will fully support the further exploration and development of these type of ideas.


Spaces are limited to 50 for this event so it’s recommended that you register early. You can book your tickets using the excellent EventBrite website.


As with any event we require a number of volunteers to help us prepare & run this event. If you would like to assist please contact us via email:


There is wifi access available throughout the building. Details will be added to the site shortly.


The Twitter hashtag for the event is #ccireland and/or #crisiscamp please tweet often!


We will try to document the ongoing discussions as much as possible as well as collate copies of notes, drawings etc. This will all be made available on this website after the event. Please note: we work on the principle of open innovation and sharing. Ideas expressed during the event will be considered as being “in the public domain” and hence will no longer be considered protected as IP.


It is the organisers intention to take the best ideas of this CrisisCamp and work together with the relevant participants to develop these further. Participation in this development will be on a voluntary basis and does not assign ownership to any particular party or person(s).

Completed Events[edit]

Organization Team[edit]

So far it's just Evert Bopp [1] but we urgently need a few volunteers. Come on people!

Communications/Social Media Accounts[edit]


Haiti Connect Twitter: @haiti_connect

Disaster Tech Lab twitter: @disastertechlab



How to Prepare?[edit]

Things we have[edit]

1) Location

2) A plan

3) Enthusiasm

Things we need/Things we need to do[edit]

1) Volunteers (planning, marketing, sponsoring, event management)

2) Speakers

3) Attendees

Volunteer Roles Needed[edit]

We need volunteers with the following skills:

- general volunteers to assist on the day (attendee registration, making sure everyone knows where to go, supervising AV equipment etc. etc.) - Camera crew to record snapshots of the event for documenting. - PR people to help drum up interest in the event.

If you want to volunteer please email us [2]

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Traditional Media[edit]