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Welcome to the CrisisCamp Directory. This directory provides resource pages for local CrisisCamp communities. You can find people in your local town who might have created a CrisisCamp before who may be interested or can provide ideas of where to start. CrisisCamp Alumni are past CrisisCamp organizers who have agreed to mentor new efforts, projects and camp leadership.

Creating a CrisisCamp and you don't see a city already there? Then create one! Here is the CrisisCamp Directory Template to create your city. Please sign up for the CrisisCommons Google Group to get the latest information and find potential collaborators. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the the CrisisCamp Code of Conduct.


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  • Questions? CrisisCommons Community Coordinators would be happy to talk to you! Chad Catacchio or via email at chad (at)