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Chicago Virtual CrisisCamp for Chicago Blizzard

Expected to hit Tuesday, Feb 1st, 5:00 PM ET - 619-

--Deborah Shaddon 19:47, 31 January 2011 (UTC) Chicago Blizzard to hit in 24 hours: Just launching this to begin to observe the activities related to technology and crowdsourcing in support of preparing for, and responding to, the impending midwest blizzard. Focus on social media and other media monitoring for situational awareness if the tools can be made available. Expect to be able to provide some AAR similar to what is pending for the East Coast storm: East Coast Snow AAR
--Deborahshaddon 06:14, 1 February 2011 (UTC)Extended this page to include all of MIDWEST


  • Deborah Shaddon - CrisisCamp Chicago city lead, Josh Shpayher - Volunteer, Tiffany Huggard-Lee Keeping an eye on the developing storm from Lawrence, KS. I'm doing mostly social media/media monitoring. Available to assist as needed. On Twitter as @argosdogs.

Providing CrisisCamp Chicago Support and other Help

  • Patrick Meier (crowdmap, ushahidi), Sara Farmer (contacts and resources), Christine Thompson (humanity road, twitterati), Heather Blanchard (research proposal), Christine Hagar (Dominican University Crisis Informatics student researchers), Heather Leson/Brian Chick (CrisisCampTO and crowdmap help), Laura Langford (SocialCERT Chicago)

Coordination Points

  • PLANNING ON CONF CALL TUESDAY, FEB 1, 5:00PM ET, CrisisCommons dial-in

Anybody just update or add sections below as necessary, just a rough sketch

Technology specific activities

Midwest Snow Team Tasks:

  1. Task: ==>MidwestBlizzard2011.Social Media Inventory Exercise - Develop Inventory of SocialMedia information used for preparedness, response, and assessment. Hashtags.
  2. Task: ==>MidwestBlizzard2011.Communications Monitoring Exercise - Monitor media, who is saying what? who is an authority? How are authorities getting word out, social media, et al?
  3. Task: ==>MidwestBlizzard2011.Tweak-the-Tweet - Alignment with HumanityRoad
    1. Task: ==>CrisisResponse - Will coordinate with Humanity Road and SocialCERT Chicago (pending), response to tweets.
  4. Project: ==>MidwestBlizzard2011.CrowdMap Mapping - Crowdmap -
  5. Project: CrisisWiki
    1. Interested participants:
    2. Reached out to crisisWiki google group for help:
    3. Details: Update the central information sources, as well as help resources, in preparation for the disaster:
    4. Setup Event: (DS)
    5. Help Needed: Need more city and/or county, and state resource coverage. (cities can also be

counties), need to start filling in for resources: Getting Help and Giving Help first. Good activity for non-local researchers as well to begin completing.

    1. HumanityRoad created this great resource list in preparation for one of the disaster drills in California, 'before the drill'. This info could easily be entered into CrisisWiki. Lets create similar (or coordinate with them) list for this based on 4 primary affected areas: Illinois, Kansas, Misouri, Indiana:

Ideas/Tasks that could be done and want to help?

  • Task: Catalog online researchers
  • Project: After Action Research team
  • Can an instance of Ushahidi for Chicago and/or Milwaukee be stood up similar to east coast, partner with local news agency similar to Washington Post (see below)?
    • Patrick Meier/Sara Farmer (CrisisMappers) suggest contacting: Ryan Ozimet, PicNet, for Ushahidi instance
    • 3:00pm CT - Ryan Ozimet said will standup an instance of snowmaggeden chicago tonight.
    • 4:15pm CT - Patric Meier in touch with Chicago tribune, using generic crowdmap:

What else is going on, general info

East Coast Snowstorm info for reference:

  1. TweakTheTweet: Client App: [1] Map: [2]
  2. Ushahidi Cleanup:
    1. WashingtonDC: [3]
    2. NYC: [4]
    3. Boston: [5]
  3. CrisisCommons east coast storm in-progress AAR: Other? East Coast Snow AAR