Conference call - Gulf Coast Oil Spill-April 30, 2010

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Conference Call Notes

  • Feel free to augment, edit, expand, add names etc.



  • asked folks to take self attendance



  • Intro to Crisis Commons
  • cities on the line: NYC, Chicago, Miami, DC, Toronto, LA, NOLA
  • Requested information from folks who may have people deployed. No contacts atm
  • Is anyone interested in creating a crisis camp in the gulf states?
  • Gulf area contact _ Lisa? Not ready to volunteer, but here to learn about us in NOLA
  • Sloane here from NOLA to help.
  • Donna from Humanity Road here to listen and help in whatever way can


Existing Projects

  • Crisis Wiki - Andy Carvin giving overview
  • local communities can add and share content to learn and help
  • id'ed states and cities that will be directly affected.
  • using NPR and his acct for outreach
  • consider it a web yellow pages resource of links etc. to help manage the info flow

Everyone: We need volunteers to begin adding resources for areas affected by the spill, in particular Louisiana and Mississippi

Crisis Camp NOLA?

  • need to determine if this is feasible. Sloane (@crisiscampnola)? others?

Action: Heather B. to connect with Sloane about NGOs and outbound connections NOLA

Mobile app to help

  • tag, picture, and video any animals or areas affected
  • look into Project NOAH to look into endangered species. This could be morphed for Oil Spill work

  • Lawyer Paul ____ offering help to connect code, host it. (Heather B to connect)
  • looking to build partnerships to be able to build mobile apps. Picture and national short code can be connected
  • use short code, pictures and video collective partnerships to share
  • we have some mobile app developers to help on this (CGIA etc)
  • Paul advised that getting a short code via telcos to get new one takes time
  • Andy used moses short code. Might be quick solution to implement faster.
  • Geotag and video/pictures can be used in court. Be aware. Time/location can really help with the environmental post action reports (Richard)

ACTION: Heather B to talk with Paul
Decision: Andy's advise on the short code to be confirmed

Crowdsourcing Mobile App Requirements



  • best practice to link mobile app to Usahidi and OSM
  • need a list of NGO folks on the ground
  • our usability experts will need to touch base on requirements and needs
  • Determine how/if Ushahidi can consume geotagged pictures
  • Active Media may manage the back-end for Mobile app platform
  • Richard McCreight of NEOS, LTD spoke about increasing Situational Awareness,and Tactical Imaging/Mapping with Web publishing (e.g., Google Earth). Using off-the-shelf technology and team enterprise partners, end-to-end intelligence is delivered. *Focuses on threat, risk, response, impact, and recovery based on scientific approach.


  • George Williams (@humidcities) suggested @Sophielab at NCCROW/Tulane would be interested.
  • Leisa Fearing, a prior visiting scholar there volunteered to contact them.
  • Eric -State university Center (LSU)- interested in helping with back-end web services. works with LA schools.
  • Nikki V. University of Lafayette. Suggested offline talk with the universities.

ACTION: Heather B. to connect with the universities and determine hosting and academic partnerships. George Williams & Leisa Fearing to send contact info

US Coast Guard

  • Ryan Bank will put in details of what is necessary for the Coast Guard to see crowdsourced information as valid.
  • talking with John Crowley (OSM core leader and awesome presenter. This demonstrated the awesome power we can achieve when we collaborate (Where 2.0:
  • be aware that there will be volunteer and citizen requirements
  • decision makers need to determine the standards, requirements and then the volunteer effort will be more successful

ACTION: Heather B to follow-up with Ryan


National Wildlife Federation

  • not resourced to be lead, but wants to participate, drive traffic and create awareness

Humanitarian Road, Sierra Club Billy

Action: Heather B to connect with both

  • Donna (Org) - offered to help with volunteer requirement