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Many of the CrisisCamp developers are used to "hanging out" in an IRC Chatroom. You are welcome to join us . Come say hi, see if any of us can help you answer a question, or just lurk and listen to our day-to-day challenges.

#CrisisCommons IRC channel

This is the IRC channel on irc://freenode/crisiscommons everyone should feel encouraged to visit, and at least lurk for a little while.

If you are unable (or unwilling ;-)) to use the IRC protocol (some establishments block it) try the HTTP client

#CrisisCamp IRC channel

As above but irc://freenode/crisiscamp and

Possible IRC clients

(there are actually many)

Desktop Clients

Mac: Colloquy (adium doesn't support irc yet, but it will soon)

Linux: Konversation, xchat, pidgin, etc.

Windows: mIRC (and trillian supports irc too)

Comparison: Wikipedia

Browser Clients

Firefox plugin - chatzilla

Web based IRC Client: Freenode webchat, mibbit (One note about Mibbit - it logs IP addresses and will not allow more than one concurrent user from the same IP address.)


Well, no, not really, but we do have a handy IRC Cribsheet with some of the more common IRC commands.