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A tracking system to facilitate processing incoming SMS's, tweets, and voice messages. Allows the user to sort messages by type and priority, to own tickets they are working on, and to forward messages that have been processed for inclusion in the ushahidi database.


This is done in essentially three stages:

  1. The CSV of SMS messages are uploaded to RT at
  2. This is parsed
  3. These can be found by doing an advanced search for unsorted
  4. To sort click "Bulk Actions" at the top.
  5. Click the checkboxes to select actions that have the same category.
  6. Scroll down and select the next owner who will do the next step and set the category.

Normal users can now find these as tickets. They click on an individual ticket and map it and mark it as mapped. If it requires an admin to enter into Ushahidi then after finding the coordinates the user marked it as "to be entered".

To be done

  • create the unsorted list
  • Make sure normal users can't see unsorted data


Currently allows user to upload CVS files, select messages and flag them. Needs a login. ToDos on first stage

  1. Login
    1. password is "cr!sisc@mp"
    2. right now this is terrible, can we use CoSign, or even .htaccess?
  2. Move to server
  3. Test that transfer to RT works Done!
  4. Filters
  5. I killed Stuart's nice looking buttons when I changed them from <a> to <input>, this is probably a quick fix in the CSS

Todos on RT

  1. Easy to enter Lat Long

Work through these use cases

  1. Urgent SMS
  2. SMS actionable
  3. Twits and Voicemails



Here's who to contact regarding this project.

  • Project Manager / Interface Design - Stuart Bowness
  • PHP Developer - Kevin Weaver - Email: ; AIM/GTalk: weavelknievel
  • Perl RT Integration - Ian Daniher -
  • RT Integration - Elsa - eculler@gmail.comm