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About Us

In response to Hurricane Sandy a group of netizens began to congregate online via etherpads, Google Docs, and IRC calling themselves Hurricane Hackers. In trying to find a fit between a predominant set of technological skills and Sandy needs, HurricaneHackers converged with SandyCrisisCamps and rebooted CrisisCamp Boston in conjunction with a globally coordinated hackathon held November 3rd.

A series of 2013 CrisisCamp Boston events is being organized to continue building momentum toward a Boston better prepared for civic participation in crisis response.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Information for Volunteers

Find out more about what we do on the About CrisisCommons page. If you are new to this and want to get involved, please contact one of the organizers or fill out the volunteer form on the Get Involved page. To find out about upcoming events, join the low volume Google Group, listed below.

What to Bring to a CrisisCamp

It varies with location; but the following should give you a good indication of what is generally a good idea to bring with you.

  • Picture ID (some locations require that, others do not).
  • Your registration ticket (usually from eventbrite).
  • Laptop, possibly with WiFi (we might have extras, but it is not always the case).
  • Power cord for your laptop.
  • Any extra extension cords/power strips you might have.
  • Headphones (always a good idea if you end up working with audio).
  • Notepads, pens, markers etc. Whatever you like using for notes.

How to Keep in Touch