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Sessions will be placed in session slots by their presenters at the event, starting Thursday morning. This page will be updated live. Just in case you are wondering What the Heck is a Barcamp?

SMEM Camp @ NEMA Schedule
Thursday, March 24.
SMEM Camp - Policy
Yellow Cluster
SMEM Camp - Getting Started/101
Red Cluster
SMEM Camp - Open Topics
Grey Cluster
SMEM Camp - Community Building
Blue Cluster
SMEM Camp - Open Topics
Orange Cluster
SMEM Camp - Situational Awareness
Purple Cluster
Atrium Area
8:30 AM Doors open for registration and networking. Grab some breakfast! Today's events made possible by NEMA National Emergency Management Association.
9:00 AM Plenary Session - Rules of SMEM Camp; 5 Second Intros and Session Announcements.]
10:15 AM
Plenary Session
Best Practices
11:30 AM
Session 1
Policy Gaps
Social Media 101
San Ramon Lessons Learned
Running Your Shop
Community Monitoring
1:00 PM
Session 2
Privacy & Data Ownership
Technology Volunteers
PIOs vs. OPS
Visualization and Mapping
2:00 PM
Session 3
Legal Framework
Best Practices
Data Validation
3:00 PM SMEM Camp Wrap Up 5 Minute Lightning Round Wrap Up and Next Steps