Pkfloods situation report 18-08-2010

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Note: have started putting CrisisCamp point of contact against each group and individual connected to this effort. This is not to *stop* people contacting them, but to make sure that each of them has a CrisisCamp person who knows what they’re doing. NB: you’re automatically the point of contact if you’ve been receiving replies from this group! And I know that SaraFarmer is listed for a lot of things – if anyone wants to take point on any of them, please ask/tell!

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Pakistan/2010 Floods

Groups involved in Pakistan Floods response


  • Calgary (Darlene Parker) – collecting UN and WFP documents that need to be loading into Sahana, maintaining connections with NGOs/other groups
  • Montreal (Lorraine Craig, Kimberley Roluf) – working with Calgary. Contacting NGOs to identify need. TweakTheTweeting.
  • Andy Carvin – watching Twitter Hashtags
  • Cambridge (Alan Jackson, Spike, Sara Farmer) – UK camp this Sunday, focusing on coordination. Planning meeting for this on Thursday night.
  • London: UK camp this Saturday, focusing on coordination. Doing media outreach to see if it can create any more UK camps.
  • Washington, Chicago: might be running camps soon (Matt McNabb, Deborah Shaddon)
  • Sydney : possible camp 27th August (Shoaib)
  • Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar : might run camps later
  • Paris: adding French-language resources
  • Jim Palmisano: setting up phone bridges.
  • Boston: Thom Goodsell connecting to local Ushahidi techs.

Other crisis info groups (please assign main CC contact names):

  • Transnational Crisis Project (, see Matt McNabb) – coordinating Tiger Team and Hack4Pak: “ throwing up a site today/tomorrow to showcase all of the hacks going on by different groups so there anyone that wants to access you, your project team, or your product can do so easily.” CC Contact: Sara Farmer, Heather Blanchard
  • PakGrid CC Contact:
  • Sahana: “We have stood up a site at that is available for0 aid/responding agencies to use as a resource and have built out a situation reporting system to capture the types of information Darlene has forwarded to us from UN agency assessments. We are working on porting the school information into our shelter registry and provide some good mapping capabilities based on the assessments and have a team available to work on code to provide additional features based on the requirements of agencies working in Pakistan. We are in contact with some volunteer efforts within Pakistan, but asDarlene notes, we really would like to see more users from NGOs or UN agencies working in Pakistan. The biggest lesson we learned from the Haiti experience is that it is critical to have a stakeholder on the ground that wants to use Sahana; otherwise, we are really just doing it for ourselves, and that is not being effective. If requirements can continue to be fed from such stakeholders to our development team via Crisis Commons, that would be great. Those interested in contributing code are welcome. Web2Py and Sahana Eden are quick to pick up for any Python programmers, and we hope that such contributions to our project can be long-term. Please communicate with the Sahana team via our mailing list ( and IRC channel #sahana-eden on” CC Contact: Gavin Treadgold
  • CrisisMappers: creating SMS short code. CC Contact: ?
  • OpenStreetMap: mapping affected areas. CC Contact: ?
  • UShahidi: Several people in Pakistan. CC Contact: ?
  • CrisisWiki: have been collecting info for the affected areas. CC Contact: Andy Carvin, Deborah Shaddon
  • Pakistan Crisis Wiki on WikiPakistan (a Wikia wiki). cc contact Sabahat Ashraf "iFaqeer" Twitter @iFaqeer

Crisis Info Individuals:

  • PK: Badar Khushnood @badar76 – Google Pakistan. Flood relief portal. CC Contact: ?
  • Matthew McNabb (Transnational Crisis Project) – may be sending friends. CC Contact: Sara Farmer.
  • PK: Imran A. Haider [] - gathering on-the-ground data for Sahana & volunteers to input. CC Contact: ?
  • Mark Prutsalis, Gavin Treadgold, Fran Boon (POC) –managing Sahana instance. CC Contact: ?
  • PK: Awab Alvi @drawab – delivering aid to affected areas. CC Contact: Sara Farmer. Prefers twitter at the moment as is mobile and email inbox is swamped.
  • Faisal Chohan – CrisisMappers Ushahidi instance and SMS short code. CC Contact: Claire Ulrich (Paris)
  • PK: Badar Khushnoon – Google Pakistan. Flood relief portal. CC Contact: ?
  • Pakistan: Dr Awab Alvi - SA Relief and Off-Road Pakistan
  • Andrew Rippon, skype:arippon – based Dubai, offers Islamabad technologists and translation. CC Contact: Sara Farmer.
  • Prem Ramaswami, managing google tools: People Finder and Resource Finder. CC Contact: ?
  • PK: Mustafa Naseem – technical, offering to help from Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

Other contacts:

  • PK: Azhar Rizvi MITEF Pakistan. CC Contact:  ?
  • PK: FawadHussain – UNOCHA Pakistan, and PDMA Sindh (does this guy ever sleep?). CC Contact: Matt McNabb, Shoaib Burq (Sydney).
  • PK: Andrej Verity – UNOCHA Islamabad. CC Contact: ?
  • Joe Ashmore - UNOCHA Shelter cluster. CC Contact: Seb Palmer, Alan Jackson. PK?
  • Mark McCarthy: UNOCHA ReliefWeb. CC Contact: Sara Farmer.
  • WFP Dubai. CC Contact: Andrew Rippon.
  • Stuart Gill: World Bank. CC Contact: Noel Dickover.
  • PK: National Rural Support Program. Jonas W (intern)
  • DfID: Julia Chandler, John. CC Contact: Sara Farmer. John Adlam. CC Contact: Vinay Gupta.
  • PK: Canadian High Commission, Islamabad. CC Contact: Kim Roluf.

Tools deployed

  • 3441 SMS code. “Text your observations about the disaster and your location so we can put this on a map.” (Faisal Chohan)
  • Sindh PDMA Ushahidi: not sure if this is in use yet.
  • CDAC radio broadcasts – currently unconfirmed
  • Hack4Pak –apps listing, not deployed yet (Matt McNabb)

Tasks to do

Tasks for everyone, anytime

  • Populate PakRelief Ushahidi site?
  • Populate site?
  • Cross-check list of NGOs active in Pakistan Floods on CrisisWiki
  • Load Darlene documents into Sahana
  • Media watch on pkfloods
  • Wikis: keep populating these, and migrate content from crisiscommons wiki into crisiswiki (Deborah Shaddon, Andy Carvin)
  • Publicise hashtag #pkfloods and SMS short code 3441 FL to people in Pakistan, govt agencies and NGOs. “Text FL and your observations about the disaster and your location so we can put this on a map.”
  • Tell people: Which tools are up and running and how they can help with them
  • Tell people: Which information sources and channels are up and running and how they can help
  • Tell people: Our hints, tips, experiences of running camps if they want to run their own
  • Check list of info groups and see if we’ve missed anyone working on pkfloods (Extraordinaries? Star-tides?)

More detailed/specialized tasks

  • Organise task lists (Sara Farmer)
  • Organise translators and translation tasks (see US coordinator from Haiti?)
  • Check how much of Haiti action can be transferred directly to pkfloods. (Sara Farmer)
  • Sahana – need Python programmers. (Gavin Treadgold)
  • Sahana need a good quality data feed – can anyone out there comment on how to do this? (Kate Starbird/ Gavin Treadgold)
  • OV1 Dodaf diagram and SWEDOW check for each systems we’re involved with (aka monitoring & evaluation to make sure we’re working with systems that have data input at one end and actions at the other). (Sara Farmer)
  • Help suggest funders for the Tiger team deployment (Matt McNabb)
  • Contact DfID (Vinay Gupta)
  • Task management application (Alan Jackson)
  • Source code repository (Alan Jackson)
  • Get better ‘newbie’ route into wiki (Jeannie Stamburger)
  • Contact CDAC re radio broadcasts (Sara Farmer)
  • On-the-ground mapping tasks in Sukkur/ Sindh (see Fawad Hussein contact)
  • Capture and record what’s actually happening in the pkfloods CrisisCamps response (Heather Leson, Wai Kien)
  • Contact IEEE to tell their members that they can do more than just hand over money (Sara Farmer)
  • Contact BarCamp event insurer contact re UK camps (Sara Farmer)

Translation tasks

News Since Last Week

  • Tiger Team. Matt McNabb is looking for funding for a 6-person team to go to Pakistan, assess needs and coordinate crowdsourcing efforts. He’s tried World Bank and State Dept, and is looking for anyone big enough to support the team’s travel, kidnap & ransom insurance etc.
  • CrisisCamp UK are looking for someone to man the emails/phones etc full-time during this crisis. Desk, pc will be provided at Aptivate in Cambridge but no funding (i.e. wages) available yet. Aptivate have also offered the option of daily ‘pre-work’ stand-up meetings to keep effort coordinated during the week.